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Arches national Park

Esquire Estates MH & RV Park - San Rafael Swell

If you are an RV enthusiast and can’t wait to get out and explore this great big nation of ours, Utah welcomes you, and one of its most majestic features is the San Rafael Swell. At Esquire Estates MH & RV Park in Castle Dale, Utah, we have the beautifully appointed and well-maintained RV spots that make the perfect home away from home – whether it’s for a day or two or for a much longer adventure.

Arches National Park

One of the many gems in the crown of the Swell is Arches National Park – a natural wonder that draws visitors by the millions each year. The Arches boasts more than 2,000 brilliantly hued sandstone arches that were sculpted by nature’s hand. The Arches has something for everyone, including:

  • Biking
  • Off-roading
  • Picnicking
  • Hiking
  • World class star gazing

The Arches have beauty and charm that is all their own, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they call you back for more.

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Arches National Park

Black Dragon Pictograph

The Swell’s eastern cliff line is adorned with an iconic rock art panel landmark that depicts what appears to be a flying dragon – set in a landscape so rough that it’s often called the San Rafael Reef. Whether you want to spend the day hiking, are more interested in a leisurely stroll, or are geared up to give your off-roading vehicles a go, this area of the Swell is a great location for you.

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock soars far above the grassland it’s located on, and if you’re interested in pulling out all the stops and tackling some of the most challenging dirt bike trails in the region, you’ve found the right place for you. If you’re not, however, an adrenaline junkie on wheels, you shouldn’t miss this area’s unparalleled wildlife viewing or its dazzling sunsets.

Joe’s Valley

If you are ready to give bouldering a try – or are an old hand at it – Joe’s Valley offers some of the best opportunities anywhere. This gorgeous valley is ensconced in the Wasatch Plateau at 7,000 feet, and it sports the perfect landings and grippy sandstone that bouldering fans clamor for. An annual draw in Joe’s Valley during the last weekend of each September, the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival highlights how dedicated bouldering enthusiasts are to this gorgeous spot and also sports a rodeo that is utterly unique to the area.
crystal geyser

Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser is a rare example of a cold-water geyser whose eruptions delight visitors from far and wide. Created during a 1935 drilling operation, Crystal Geyser erupts about every 12 to 16 hours, which means you may need to hang out a bit – communing with nature – if you’re committed to seeing the big show. When the geyser begins bubbling and spilling over itself, it’s your clue that she’ll be blowing within the next several hours.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon is a prime example of Utah’s world-famous slot canyons, which are narrow gorges created by rushing water and other forces of erosion in the state’s soft, beautifully striated rocks. Utah is well loved for its unique concentration of slot canyons, and Little Wild Horse Canyon offers an excellent opportunity to explore them in style. At little Wild Horse, the whole family – regardless of hiking ability – can delight in navigating the stunning twists and turns that a hike through a slot canyon affords.
Ding Dong Canyons

Ding and Dang Canyon

The dueling slot canyons that make up Ding and Dang Canyon send out a siren call for more experienced hikers who aren’t afraid to engage in some semi-technical scrambling. In an area that is bursting with natural beauty, Ding and Dang Canyon promise outstanding beauty and the kind of solitude and space for reflection that you’re unlikely to experience elsewhere.

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point may not sound like the ideal picnic location, but we’re here to assure you that it is. This breathtaking vista – located just southeast of Green River – sits high above the Colorado River where it gracefully skirts Canyonlands National Park. Not only are the views by day gorgeous but the night sky also offers some of the best stargazing anywhere.

Eye of Sinbad

Eye of Sinbad, which is also called Wild Horse Window – boasts a bird’s eye view that pierces a hollow slickrock chamber framing the endless sky to perfection. Here, you’ll find a reliably easy and notably beautiful hike that comes in at three miles round trip.

zion national park

The Chute

The swell is full of world-class hikes for everyone from beginners to those in search of the most difficult treks around, but the Chute is arguably one of the best. In fact, the Chute has the well-earned tagline of like Zion without the crowds. Begin your trek at Tomsich Butte and wind your glorious way through 15 miles of natural splendor along an ancient river course that puts a new spin on enjoying the great outdoors before landing at Hidden Splendor Mine.

Wait, There’s More

We wouldn’t be doing the swell justice, if we didn’t mention some of the other highlights, including:

  • The Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, which represents the densest concentration of Jurassic era dinosaur bones in the world.
  • Nefertiti Rapids, which is a kayaking landmark
  • World-class golfing at Millsite Golf Course

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The Swell offers some of the most unique outdoor experiences in the world, and you can stay right in the thick of things at Esquire Estates MH & RV Park. We are conveniently located at 425 Esquire Parkway in Castle Dale, Utah, just minutes from many of the attractions in the area. We are proud to offer well-situated and well-appointed RV pads that provide the privacy you’re looking for and the amenities you require. We have the perfect place for you – whether you’re in it for the long haul or you have only a few days to spend with us. To learn more and book your stay today, please don’t wait to contact or call us at (435) 749-4920.