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Buckskin Gulch Slot

Esquire Estates MH & RV Park - Kanab, Utah

Kanab is home to Buckskin Gulch, which is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the worldand is the right place for you if you’re into hikes that require a commitment. Even if you’re more into strolling, however, Kanab has got you covered with scenic drives and breathtaking views that never end. And when it comes to where to park your RV and set up your home sweet home, Esquire Estates MH & RV Park in Castle Dale, Utah, is a perfect home base for your adventures in Kanab and the surrounding areas.

Buckskin Gulch

The narrows in Buckskin Gulch go on for miles and rarely exceed 20 feet in width. This is a serious hike that many backpackers turn into an overnight excursion. It’s important to note that you can expect the temps to dip well below what they are outside the Gulch and you’ll almost certainly find yourself wading through puddles of water along the way – both of which make planning ahead paramount. If you’re up for it, however, you won’t regret the effort you put into this one. There are a variety of hikes through the Gulch that range from easy to far more strenuous and technical, but if you’ve got a hiking bucket list, Buckskin Gulch is likely on it – or should be.

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Cottonwood Canyon

If you’re not quite ready for the big leagues – Buckskin Gulch – in terms of hiking slot canyons, Cottonwood Canyon offers a version for beginners and the less adventurous that still manages to highlight captivating rock formations encased by towering sandstone walls. This abbreviated hike allows you to trek in 1.5 miles through the narrow canyon and come back out the same way.

Wire Pass

Wire Pass offers a shorter route into the Buckskin Gulchnarrows, but there is no shortcut in terms of the natural beauty you’ll experience. While Wire Pass is far shorter than the Gulch, you’re going to have to do some shimmying through the well-marked trail before meeting up with Buckskin and the world-class views it affords.

Scenic Cottonwood Canyon Road

Fill up your tank and head out on this optimally scenic driving route – with plenty of stops-offs for shooting pics – that begins in Kanab and stretches 47 miles to the aptly named Kodachrome Basin.
cottonwood canyons
Lake Powell

Kodachrome Basin State Park

This multi-hued miracle of nature boasts a veritable kaleidoscope of colored layers that form breathtaking pinnacles, arches, and spires. While the photo ops in the Basin are nearly endless, Angel’s Palace hike deserves special attention, and if it isn’t on your list of must-do hikes, you’re going to want to add it.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

You’re well acquainted with Utah’s vast sandstone cliffs, plateaus, and buttes, but when all that sandstone is worn into massive sand dunes over the course of time, it leads to the vibrant expanse that is Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Encased by juniper, ponderosa, and pinyon pines, these painterly orange, red, and pink dunes make for wonderful hiking, stargazing, and just hanging out.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell traces a winding canyon and is the perfect spot for all the following:

  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding

While there is a lot of waterway to cover in Lake Powell, taking in as much of it as you can is well worth the time you spend exploring.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is a day trip from Kanab, but you won’t regret the drive. This park boasts trails of every length and level of difficulty, but one thing they all have in common is the other-worldly rock formations that are like nothing else you’ve seen.

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The Grand Canyon’s North Rim

When you’re in Kanab, you’re only two hours from the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and if it’s been a while since you’ve been there or if you’ve never been there, it’s time to head out. The North Rim sees only a fraction of the guests that the South Rim does, which makes it the perfect spot to explore the massive expanse that is the Grand Canyon.

Zion National Park

In less than an hour, you can make your way from Kanab to Zion National Park – where the hiking is some of the best in the nation. The sweeping views of Zion’s towering cliffs are unparalleled and shouldn’t be missed.

The Elusive Wave Trail

Just a short distance from Kanab, the Wave trail requires a permit, and they are only doled out via lottery. If you do win this lottery, you can expect 2.6 miles of twisty, stripey, rocky wow, but if you don’t, White Pocket is a good substitute.

White Pocket

To get to White Pocket, you’ll need to take a long drive on sandy roads that require high clearance and 4WD, but it’s more than worth the extra effort. Even the most experienced and adventurous hikers will be blown away by the explosion of color that paints these jaw-dropping landscapes.

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