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Scenic highway in Utah

Esquire Estates MH & RV Park - Ephraim, Utah

Ephraim, Utah, is a small but mighty town that offers RV enthusiasts ample opportunities to explore. This centrally located spot boasts scenic views, hikes for everyone – including beginners – and rich history. Whatever your plans, Esquire Estates MH & RV Park in Castle Dale, Utah, has the right spot to park and hookup your RV while exploring Ephraim and other attractions in the area.

Skyline Drive Scenic Backway

Skyline Drive Scenic Backway is a high-altitude mountain road – most of it is above 10,000 feet – that follows the Wasatch Plateau’s spine and offers 60 miles of uninterrupted and unparalleled views. This is one of the highest roads in a state that’s full of high roads, and it is one of the best dirt biking opportunities anywhere. It’s important to note that the road is unpaved, and there are some areas that require vehicles with higher clearance and 4WD. Along the way, you’ll be graced with forested mountains, alpine meadows, and countless streams and lakes.

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The S Trail

This steep but still doable 1.5-mile trail up to the massive S that was erected by a group of Snow College students affords spectacular views from the top of the letter. The trailhead does involve crossing over a creek that can get a bit deeper and rougher than some hikers will consider prudent.

Spread Your Wings

When you’re in Ephraim, every beautiful corner of the state is no more than a day trip away. Ephraim offers the solitude you’re looking for while allowing you to spread your wings and get to know Utah and its bounty a whole lot better.

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Esquire Estates MH & RV Park prides itself on offering our guests the most beautiful locations and well-maintained spots – with all the amenities – to park their tiny homes on wheels and get down to the important work of exploring the great State of Utah. We are located at 425 Esquire Parkway in Castle Dale, Utah, about an hour-and-a-half from Ephraim and minutes from many other attractions in the area. Contact or call us at (435) 749-4920 to book your stay today.