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Mt. Pleasant-MH & RV Park

Esquire Estates MH & RV Park - Mt. Pleasant, Utah

Mt. Pleasant, Utah, has some beautiful hiking, biking, and off-roading sites – and Esquire Estates MH & RV Park in nearby Castle Dale, Utah, has some beautiful spots to park your RV and enjoy the array of amenities we provide – along with the spectacular location. Located in the heart of Utah, Mt. Pleasant is cradled in unrivaled natural beauty that makes extended stays inviting but is worth the effort even if you only have a day or two to explore.


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Maple Canyon Left Fork

Maple Canyon Left Fork

Maple Canyon Left Fork boasts a 2.8 mile out-and-back hike that is considered moderately challenging. This trail is popular with all the following outdoorsy types:

  • Hikers
  • Runners
  • Rock climbers

There are, however, slower times throughout the day in which you can carve out plenty of solitude and find the perfect location for communing with nature. This trail boasts impressive cliffs and several locations that are especially well suited to rock climbing. With 90 percent forest shade, the fall colors are sublime.

East Mountain Trail

East Mountain Trailis a prime path for hiking, running, and birding for more experienced – or more adventurous – hikers. The hiking loop is 3.7 miles, and it takes about three hours to complete. East Mountain is the highest point in Emery County, and at its peak, you’ll find spectacular views of Manti National Forest.

North Tent Peak

From the top of North Tent Peak, there is a breathtaking overview of the entire state – from the La Sal Mountains near Colorado to the Deep Creek Mountains on the Nevada border. The hike to the summit is doable and is well worth the trek, which includes switchbacks up the peak’s southwest slope and comes in at 1.7 miles roundtrip.

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Mt. Pleasant Utah offers incredible hikes along with spectacular views, and there is little not to love about the area. Esquire Estates MH & RV Park, located at 425 Esquire Parkway in nearby Castle Dale, Utah, welcomes you to settle in for an extended stay that allows you to really explore the area, but if you have a tighter schedule, we can help with that too. Our well-maintained, modern park offers spacious spots, convenient hookups, and a range of amenities that will elevate your stay. Whether you have questions or are ready to book a space, please do not wait to contact or call us at (435) 749-4920 today.