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Esquire Estates MH & RV Park - Salina, Utah

Salina rests in the heart of Utah, which makes it a beautiful spot in its own right and a beautiful homebase for further exploring. Whatever your plans are, Esquire Estates MH & RV Park in Castle Dale offers easy access to Salina and other attraction in the area. We are here to support your RV adventure with well-located and beautifully situated RV pads that boast all the amenities you need to explore the area – or the whole state – in style.


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Fishlake National Forest

The Gem of Salina: Fishlake National Forest

Fishlake National Forest has everything outdoor adventurers crave, including:

  • Mile after endless mile of off-roading trails through lush environs
  • Snowmobiling
  • World-class hiking
  • Camping
  • Horseback riding
  • Rich birding opportunities
  • Fishing galore, including trophy fishing and ice fishing
  • Hunting
  • Biking
  • Non-motorized boating
  • Wildlife that includes black bears, elk, deer, cougars, mountain goats, wild turkeys, moose, and beyond

And the highlight of this immense, storybook forest is Fish Lake itself, which is surrounded by gorgeous mountain meadows and lush aspen stands. Billed as the family friendly forest, this immense expanse of natural beauty has something for everyone in your group.

pando aspen trees

The Largest Living Organism

We would be remiss if we failed to highlight the Pando, which is the largest living example of the largest living organism in the world – according to mass – the aspen tree. The colony of aspen clones in Fishlake National Forest weighs in at almost 13 million pounds and should not be missed. Pando is also referred to as The Trembling Giant because, when the wind whooshes through the valley, this male quaking aspen – which is made up of 40,000 individual trees – moves as one. This aspen’s identical genetic markers identify it as a single living organism that is assumed to have one immense underground root system.

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Salina and the surrounding areas have much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. At Esquire Estates MH & RV Park, located at 425 Esquire Parkway in Castle Dale, Utah, we offer convenient access to Salina and other attractions in the area. Our well-appointed parking spaces have the privacy and amenities you’re looking for in a home away from home – regardless of how short or long your visit is. Book your stay by contacting or calling us at (435) 749-4920 today.